Holiday Celebration

I had the pleasure of celebrating Christmas early with my mother and my niece.  For our dinner menu, I decided to make a vegan and non-vegan lasagna, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and Lemon Ginger Honey Iced Tea.  One of the best things that was treasured during this time was dancing with them.  It reminded me of dancing with my cousin as a kid.  He would show me how to do the two-step, twirl me around, and do a little dip while he was at it.  

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No matter how similar or different our traditions, the important thing is honoring Christ, spreading love, and enjoying time with our families during this holiday season.  I plan on having a quiet New Year's Eve with a couple of movies lined up to enjoy.  


How about you?  What are your simple, functional, grace-filled plans for New Year's Eve?  Drop me a line..

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